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Posted on 11 July 2022

It is fair to say that as time goes on and technology continues to progress, the working world is moving further away from physical operations, and everything is going digital.

The term ‘physical workplace’ refers to a place of work based in a physical location where workers meet up and carry out daily operations but understanding what a ‘digital workplace’ is can be open to interpretation and thus proves more challenging to define. One way a digital workplace can be defined is a company that takes advantage of digital tools and utilises them within their physical office space.

Technology is constantly evolving and becoming more advanced, the use of technology to make daily operations more efficient has major benefits. Let’s look at some advantages of a digital workplace that integrates technology with their daily practices.


Environmentally Friendly

Increasing the number of digital devices in a workplace means less reliance on tangible tools that can be obtained in ways that negatively impact the environment. Here at Warner Recruitment, most of the work we do is conducted through different digital mediums which helps us to cut down on the amount of paper and physical resources we use. Essentially, this ensures that we are operating in an eco-friendly manner and continually taking care of the environment.

On the flip side, increased usage of technology and digital devices does have an impact on digital carbon footprints, but steps can be taken to reduce this. Nevertheless, there are advantages and disadvantages to using digital devices and physical tools, so it is important to be mindful of how each one affects the environment.


Better Communication

Using physical tools to communicate is not the most methodical approach with the technology available today, notes and information quickly pile up and become unorganised. However, getting rid of physical methods of communication and replacing them with digital platforms, allows interactions to be more effortless and aids when tackling tasks such as sending emails and signing contracts. Microsoft 365 Environment SharePoint is used within Warner Recruitment for each person to work on various duties, this allows documents to be shared between colleagues enabling to edit and collaborate on projects together in real-time.

Additionally, the use of video conferencing software increased immensely amid the outbreak of COVID-19 and we have continued to use this approach at Warner Recruitment to improve communication. We utilise Microsoft Teams as a platform to hold video conference calls which allows us to work and connect with people from anywhere in the world.

Naturally as a recruitment company, we take numerous calls on a regular basis, so we have employed Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems (VoIP) permitting us to answer calls directly from our tablets, computers, or any data-driven device. This gives us the ability to communicate more effortlessly with clients and candidates which is essential in our line of work.


Increased Levels of Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Investing in digital tools for your business can increase workplace productivity and can heighten employee satisfaction as a result. Making the necessary technology available to staff allows them to complete day to day tasks in the most effectual manner and presents the opportunity for improved quality of work.



It is important that information is kept safe by implementing security strategies across all company platforms and networks so in the case that there is a security breach, steps can be taken to make sure information is not lost or corrupted.

One way we do this here at Warner Recruitment is by using Face ID as a secure way of logging into all our company devices which guarantees that only the assigned worker can access a particular device. Separately, we make use of vaults that generate passwords every so often to strengthen data security and keep track of passwords eliminating the risk of them being forgotten. Although there is always a potential risk of cyberattacks when storing any kind of data on a digital platform, there are ways that these threats can be minimised like the steps we have taken to make us less vulnerable.


Hot Desking

Hot desking in digital workplace allows workers to change desks without being assigned to one. This is a method of working that has been implemented at Warner Recruitment giving employees more flexibility and allows them to change their daily environment, it also encourages organisation and cleaner workspaces. Furthermore, it gives our staff the opportunity to acquaint themselves with people they wouldn’t normally interact with and builds employee relationships which we strongly encourage. Another upside to this is that anything can be shared with greater ease between colleagues as they have more freedom to move around and discuss ideas and information.

To conclude, technology is a powerful component of life today that has undoubtedly aided in the progression of all industries within the working world and will continue to do so. Although modern technology is beneficial, it doesn’t mean that physical tools are of no use. Our office at Warner Recruitment is not void of the occasional pen and notepad, but with that being said, the positive effects on the environment when taking conscious steps towards cutting down on the number of physical tools we use worldwide like paper are irrefutable.

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